The Language of Customers

What Words Do You Have In Common?

Have you ever gone to a party and met total strangers?

  • Have you experienced that awkward moment when you cast out, searching to find something you share? 

Whether the topic is sports, food, kids, or gardening, finding something in common with the person creates a better connection.  

Keywords Are Connection Points

What are keywords? 

Keywords are the words your potential customers use when they are looking for information on the Internet. 

They are the words that connect you to online searchers. 

Google and other search engines record the actual terms entered in the search box and use this information to decide who has the most relevant website for the search terms entered. 

If your website contains many of the words that a searcher is looking for, the search engines may decide your website should be ranked higher. 

Think of it this way: 

If you had a hardware store and you knew exactly what products people wanted to buy, wouldn’t you concentrate on stocking that merchandise? 

  • Keywords are like that. 

You can know exactly what people are entering into those search boxes when they want information. 

(And you don’t even have to pay thousands of dollars for that research!) 

Wondering how to find that information? 

There are numerous keyword tools out there, including Google’s free Keyword Planner. 

Keyword research is like having a “magic decoder ring” to increase the effectiveness of your communication with your online visitors.  

Use Your Customers’ Words

Let’s say I have a bakery and make great specialty cakes, but for some reason, I think people will refer to these delicious creations as “special-occasion pastries.”

  • I create a beautiful website talking about my “special-occasion pastries”
  • I blog and tweet until I’m blue in the face about my “special-occasion pastries.”

And (surprise, surprise!) I’m not getting traffic to my website. 

More to the point, I’m not getting the right kind of visitors.

I’ve developed all my Digital Marketing based on an assumption about what words I think my potential customers will use. 




You don’t have to guess

If I had done a little keyword research, I would have learned that my potential customers will use the words “birthday cakes” or “wedding cakes,” and not “special-occasion pastries”

This can’t be over-emphasized in Digital Marketing.

The words matter.

The use of keywords that connect with your desired audience is critical to driving traffic to your website and is a key success factor that can take your Internet-marketing efforts from “hit-and-miss” to “remarkable.”

Just like matchmaking, using the right keywords increases your chance of making a great connection with the right people from the start.

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